As the historic center of old Istanbul, Beyoglu district itself is choc-a-bloc full of amazing places to go and see, but one effective strategy is to just wander through the ancient streets, visit cafes, and make your own discoveries.

Family Friendly

The Turks are famous for their hospitality, family life, and love of children, so while there are plenty places to take the children, you’ll be welcomed with open arms anywhere. With the extra terrace space, three’s a comfortable fit.

Wild Water Swimming

There are places to swim in the Bosporus for the more adventurous, and for the rest beaches close by on the Marmara and Black Sea coasts, and by ferry Princes Islands for a day trip and an unbelievably tranquil contrast to Istanbul.


Winters do get cold, when only the hardy will be taking a dip in the sea, but not much beats Istanbul if you’re lucky enough to be there when it snows, especially over New Year. The terrace, with light and heater, is still in play.


If you are looking for a cultural point of difference that immerses you deeper into local culture, you don't have to get kitted up or go far, just go into any tea or coffee house, and ask for the 'tavla', or backgammon board!


The work of up and coming artists is a key feature of the iHomeOffice concept, perhaps one day one will be a feature of Istanbul’s history like Mimar Sinan.