Whenever possible, iHomeOffice invests in local artists who catch the eye. Being surrounded by talent and creativity expressed in whatever art form is the best way to stimulate innovation and productivity, and that’s what iHomeOffice is about. Even the iHomeOffice building has history.

Safiye Ayla, Turkish singer and Ataturk confidant who once owned, and subsequently lent her name to, the building, and perhaps endowed it with some creative spirit

Bulent Gurcihan, brilliant, moody artist with such a deep affinity for the early Renaissance masters, he jokes he must have been one wicked enough to deserve reincarnation in Turkey! www.bulentgurcihan.com

Hamza Arslan, a marble master from the fecund province of Hatay, who has set up shop close to Bodrum www.hamzaarslan.net

Cihan Usta, a builder by trade with diverse practical skills, but by talent a master craftsman with metal work expertise and a rare problem solving ability

Jonathan Roberts, founder of Polymath Creations, who just can’t stop creating new brands like iHomeOffice whenever he spends more than 5 minutes in Istanbul www.polymathcreations.co.uk